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Confluence Habitats strives to provide excellent customer service and communication, while focusing on high-quality, long-lasting solutions to meet our client's goals. We design and install attractive landscapes & living spaces that foster connection between people and the spaces they inhabit. We build landscapes that are beneficial for humans, animals, plants and essential pollinators. 

who we are

Jenny wilson

Jenny took her first gardening job while still in high school, as an assistant to a landscaper--i.e. “one who weeds.” Over the years her relationships with plants have been wide-ranging: as both a conventional and foodscape landscaper, farmer, community gardener, forager, and collector and cultivator of plants for natural dyes. Locally, she has worked at Claverach Farm and Studio Land Arts, as well as being a self-employed gardener for many years. She has always grown a garden wherever she is, including on a handmade raft on the Mississippi River and outside of her former bakery in South St. Louis, Red Fox Baking.  

As a conventional landscaper, she has seen firsthand the relative sterility of many home and public landscapes and grown alarmed by the “control of nature” without the goal of life-sustaining functions.  She was admittedly a slow adherent to gardening with native plants, discouraged by the seeming intractability of exotic/introduced plants in human-disturbed and created landscapes.

    However, she has come to believe that thoughtful design and plantings utilizing native plants hold solutions to many of our most pressing human problems—climate change and weather-related threats, carbon cycle imbalance, water and air pollution, habitat loss, existential despair, etc. She would like to help YOU grow or refine your role within nature, from wherever your starting point may be. 

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chris olliges

Chris brings more than a decade of construction and regenerative farming experience to Confluence Habitats. Although not born with a tool in his hand, from a young age Chris nurtured his passion for gardening and building. At age 10 he built his first backyard ecosystem pond, and the same year won first prize (in his age group) at the KY state fair for the largest pumpkin. In high school, he began his construction career working for his grandfather remodeling homes.  Chris rediscovered his passion for agriculture in 2007 at New Roots Urban Farm, located in North St Louis.


Before founding Confluence Habitats, Chris worked for over eight years as an organic farm inspector traveling the country inspecting more than 200 farms of all sizes, growing nearly every crop imaginable. Currently, Chris is a co-owner of a cooperative farm located in St Louis County. Since 2015, he has worked tirelessly growing vegetables, establishing orchards and hedgerows, and building all sorts of homemade farm contraptions. At Confluence Habitats, Chris applies real world experience he gained while developing the 15-acre farm just south of the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

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